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Oxine (AD) Air Duct Sanitizer
Oxine®(AD), an EPA approved duct sanitizer and deodorizer that will kill a broad spectrum of microorganisms (Oxine sanitizing is an optional service). The most significant feature of Oxine®(AD) is the low toxicity and safety of the product. Oxine®(AD) concentrate has been assigned an acute toxicity rating of Category III by the EPA.
Bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and yeasts are everywhere in our everyday environment. The condensate which forms on the cooling coils, drip pan and duct work of air handling systems creates an ideal environment for the growth of these microorganisms. When applied to a precleaned system. Oxine®(AD) is extremely effective in reducing the harmful potential associated with this microbial contamination.
We use a chemical fogger to safely fog your duct system with Oxine®(AD). The fogger allows us to coat the entire inside surface of your ductwork to kill bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and yeasts. We can even coat the inside surfaces of many air handlers and coils. We can also treat insulation blankets that often harbor mold and mildew.

EnviroCON (Deodorizer / Germistat / Bacteriostat / Fungistat)
Specific to the HVAC industry, Bio-Cide’s EnviroCON product is highly effective in eliminating odor-causing microorganisms as well as those associated with mold, mildew and bacterial growth. For bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and algae.
A point of contact application, EnviroCON eliminates odors at their source through a chlorine dioxide release-process that destroys organisms at the origin. EnviroCON uses no perfumes or masking agents.
An enhanced benefit of EnviroCON is its low toxicity and safety rating from the EPA.
Rated as a category III, EnviroCON can be applied directly to HVAC system duct work in populated areas.
EnviroCON does not use any environmentally-damaging propellants or flammable ingredients.
Applied with a hand-held fogger or an air-driven sprayer, EnviroCON is easily applied to all HVAC systems including commercial, industrial, institutional and residential.
In addition, EnviroCON is currently used in health care facilities, kitchens, restaurants, offices, hotel and motel operations, recreational vehicles and homes.
*EPA Registered *Point-of-Contact Microbial Control
*No Activation Required *No Rinsing No Perfumes
*No Alcohol *Low Toxicity & Safety Rating
*Easy to Apply

E + (Non Rinsing Evaporator Coil Cleaner)
We tested all the non rinsing evaporator coil cleaners and found them to be marginally successful. The main reason for their lack of luster was the low temperature conditions. Detergents just don't work well in cold water environments for which the evaporator section supplies.
E+ uses cationic protein detergents better know as Enzymes, which have long proven to be the most productive cleaning agents in cold water. The Enzyme detergent action is impressive. Tobacco, cooking greases and water resistant soils are thoroughly remove from the coil. Enzymes have one draw back...they are very slow acting. When you apply E+ to the coil do not expect much in the way of instant gratification. Check the coil after a couple hours or days and you will discover there is actually nice looking metal beneath which once was "blackened" heavily tarnished fins. We have also observed how well E+ loosened and removed scale which formed at the bottom of the coil right where the fins nearly meet the pan.

Best of all, E+ is a very safe cleaning compound to handle in every respect: Non Toxic, No Odor, Biodegradable and friendly to all metals.

UV Light Purifier
Air Health Ultraviolet Air Sanitizer - - uses ultraviolet light to neutralize airborne bacteria, molds, and dust mites. Installed in the main supply or return duct of a forced air heating or air conditioning system, Air Health™ UV Home Air Sanitizer operates continuously to purify the air in your home 24 hours a day. Emits powerful ultraviolet (UV) light, which sterilizes and reduces airborne microorganisms as they pass through the system.
Installation generally takes about 1/2 hour. The best location for Air Health is over the air conditioning coil. This will treat the indoor air while simultaneously keeping the coil clean. The next most suitable location is in the return air duct, preferably downstream of the filter.
Effective for areas up to 2000 square feet. Larger homes require two (2) units. (When installing two Air Health units, place one over the air conditioning coil in the supply and one in the return.) Ducts must be at least 16" wide. 120 volts; 60 Hz; 0.5 amps; 30 watts; 6' power cord; UL approved. Includes video, instruction manual, and safety glasses. Dimensions: 19"L x 5"W x 4"H; weighs 3 pounds

Air Duct Cleaning Procedure may vary slightly per job depending on the configuration of the ductwork.
Our air duct cleaning company consistently invests in the most modern technology and air duct cleaning equipment such as HEPA filter powerful vacuums or Rotorbrush duct cleaning equipment.
The air duct cleaning process Air Duct & Carpet Cleaners follows are in strict accordance with NADCA st...

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